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Alexandre Torres Porres

Location: São Paulo - Brazil — Main Language: en
I was bitten by members of this community in 2007 during the Pd Convention in Montreal, since then I've become a Pd zombie... first thing they made me do was organize the next convention in 2009, and since then I've been forced to teach Pd and help out as I can...

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0.4 2019-09-16
1.0beta23 2019-08-21
else 2019-04-21
0.3 2019-02-21
cyclone 2018-06-06
How to Download Externals from Pd Vanilla (a.k.a. 'deken')? 2017-03-02
Is Pd-Extended dead? What are the alternatives? 2017-03-02
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cyclone[v0.4](Linux-armv7-32).dek 2019-09-17
cyclone[v0.4](Linux-armv7-32).dek.sha256 2019-09-17
cyclone[v0.4](Linux-armv7-32).dek.txt 2019-09-17
cyclone[v0.4](Linux-armv6-32).dek.txt 2019-09-17
cyclone[v0.4](Linux-armv6-32).dek 2019-09-17
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Releases 2017-03-27
Releases 2017-03-27
Releases 2017-03-27
Releases 2017-03-25
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