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Oscar Pablo Di Liscia

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Composer and Researcher born in 1955 at Santa Rosa (La Pampa, Argentina). Doctor in Humanities and Arts at Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Was Director of the Program in Electronic Composition of Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (Argentina). At present is Professor of Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and of Universidad Nacional del Arte(Buenos Aires, Argentina). His compositions were awarded by national and international societies and performed at Cuba, USA, France, Spain, Chile, Holland, etc. He has published papers on aesthetics and techniques of new music and technologies, as well as developed software for Digital Signal Processing, Musical Analysis and Composition. His main areas of research are: Digital Signal Processing (especially Sound Spatialisation and Spectral Analysis of Digital Sound), Electronic Composition and Computer Music. He is at present Director of the Research Program "Temporal Systems and Spatial Synthesis in Sonic Art"

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