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Marco Donnarumma

Location: London / New York
Marco Donnarumma is a performer, sound artist, musician and writer. He has played interactive music by amplifying sounds from his body, has induced visitors in altered states of self-perception by feeding sounds from their bodies back to their skulls and bones, has immersed audiences in multichannel sound and video produced by the strain of his muscles while he pulled 50kg stones, and has physicalised digital viruses in the body. He uses biomedical and sound technologies, computer software, actuators, sensor and transducers to create ways in which human bodies and machines can extend, transform or disrupt each other. He conceives of both human bodies and machines as materials. His live performances, concerts and installations are renown for combining a seemingly simple and minimalistic aesthetic, rigorous science, technical sophistication, and strong critical concepts. He has performed and spoken in over 50 countries across North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. His works have been presented at leading art and music events, digital, sound and performance art festivals, research institutions, historical music venues and national museums. Among them are Sónar+D, ISEA, Venice Biennale, BBC Music, ISCM World Music Days, Transmediale, FILE, Panorama, NYEAF, Sound Art China, CYNETART, Piksel, EMPAC, Stanford CCRMA, NYU, STEIM, IRCAM, FACT, Experimental Intermedia, Spectrum NYC, Café Oto, Mumuth Concert Hall, Hoerbar, Museo Reina Sofia, CCCB Barcelona.

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