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xsample 0.3.2 (Beta release)

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This is not a final release. Experimental releases should only be used for testing and development. Do not use these on production sites, and make sure you have proper backups before installing...

taken from beta builds

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get xsample 0.3.2 (Beta release) for All platforms

libdir for GNU/Linux i386 and x86_64, Mac OS X i386/PowerPC, and Windows 32-bit

Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.40, pd 0.41, pd 0.42
State Beta release
License GPL

TODO list:

features: - multi-buffer handling (aka multi-channel for pd) - anti-alias filter? (possible?)

  • delay min/max changes when cur pos in cross-fade zone

bugs: - PD: problems with timed buffer redrawing (takes a lot of cpu time) - flext bug? - Max help files aren't correctly opened due to xsample objects residing in a library (FIXED for OSX!!!)

Change log

0.3.1: - added mixmode=2 to Max/MSP help files - fixed limit consideration for loopmode=0 and 2. - fixed buggy sampling in crossfade zones (and simplified it a lot) - different initialization on buffer absence - renew units and scalemode on buffer change - fixed looped recording bug (thanks to Tatama Suomo) - reconsidered all state changes - more optimizations for interpolation functions - use the new flext build system - use branch hints

0.3.0: - added resources to MaxMSP build - xgroove~, xrecord~: introduced a loop/end bang outlet - added MaxMSP buffer resize recognition - xgroove~: introduced crossfading loop zones - adapted source for flext 0.4.1 - most methods within class scope - introduced attributes - restructured make procedures - corrected names of PD makefile, set help names - fixed scale mode bug with xgroove~ - added validity check for buffers - Max/MSP OSX: new file xsample-objectmappings.txt fixes load of library on finding correct helpfiles! - makefiles for command line MSVC++, BCC, cygwin GCC - better handling of non-existent buffers - fixed flext-related error on setting buffers - xrecord~: mixmode has now 3 states (off, mix-in, add)

0.2.4: - according to flext 0.2.3 changed sample type to t_sample (S) - xrecord~: fixed mix mode bug - fixed argument buffer problem

0.2.3: - using flext 0.2.2 - xsample is now a library under MaxMSP - cleaner gcc makefile - xgroove~, xrecord~: added "all" message to select entire buffer length - xgroove~, xplay~: revisited dsp methods, restructured the code, fixed small interpolation bugs - xgroove~, xplay~: added linear interpolation (message "interp 2") - enabled 0 output channels -> xgroove~: position output only - xgroove~: added bidirectional looping (message "loop 2")

0.2.2: - using flext 0.2.0 - xrecord~ for PD: new flext brings better graphics update behavior - xrecord~: recording position doesn't jump to start when recording length is reached - fixed bug with refresh message (min/max reset) - xgroove~: position (by pos message) isn't sample rounded anymore - reset/refresh messages readjust dsp routines to current buffer format (e.g. channel count) - corrected Max/MSP assist method for multi-channel - fixed xplay~ help method - changed syntax to x*~ [channels=1] [buffer] for future enhancements (MaxMSP only, warning for old syntax) - fixed small bug concerning startup position in xgroove~ and xrecord~ - fixed deadly bug in xplay~ dsp code (only active with template optimization)

0.2.1: - no leftmost float inlet for position setting - use pos method - changed dsp handling for flext 0.1.1 conformance - workarounds for buggy/incomplete compilers - prevent buffer warning message at patcher load (wait for loadbang) - fixed bug: current pos is reset when changing min or max points

0.2.0: - first version for flext

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