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Pure Data 0.45.4

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Pure Data
bugfix release #4 of Pd-0.45

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get Pure Data 0.45.4 for Windows (7.9MB)

zip ball (contains binaries for all current windows versions)

Get Pure Data 0.45.4 for Mac OS X (4.6MB)

32bit binaries for OS-X

Get Pure Data 0.45.4 for Mac OS X (3.6MB)

64bit binaries for OS-X

Change log

- binary [netsend]/[netreceive] (so you should no longer need an extern for OSC)

- [pd~] (multiprocessing) works on windows and is less likely to deadlock although
not yet perfect

- multi-purpose [array] and [text] objects.

- "text"s are also available as fields in data structures.

- "[tempo(":#reftempo messages for delay, metro, timer, and "test sequence".

- Objects/messages/comments have settable box widths

- Also various improvements in audio and midi handling:

- The Pd window now tells you whether PD has an audio device open or not

- audio fixes (jack, ASIO)

- bugfix releases

- #1 fixed backspaces in properties dialogs

- #2 fixed "find parent window" problem

- #3 fixed text pasting from clipboard

- #3 fixed some OSX audio problems

- #4 fixed some bug with [array random]

- #4 fixed a bug with "text set"

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