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plugdata 0.6.4 (Alpha release)

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This is not a final release. Experimental releases should only be used for testing and development. Do not use these on production sites, and make sure you have proper backups before installing...

Large release with many bugfixes, updated ELSE, support for [oscope~] and [function] objects, many GUI improvements

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

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Change log

- UI improvements:
- New welcome screen when there is no patch open
- Better tab behaviour, always shows patch name and saves toolbar space
- Better place in UI for documentation and automation panel selection
- Some statusbar icons have been moved to the settings popup
- New logo made by @JoshuaACNewman
- Updated to ELSE rc4, with new [datetime] object and more
- Improved colour theming options thanks to @chee
- Hold alt to see object indices
- Encapsulate action: select a group of objects and hit cmd+shift+e to encapsulate into subpatch
- Many, many bugfixes

Other features:
- Destructive options in settings dialog now have a confirmation popup
- Basic support for non-latin characters in messages, comments and objects (better support throughout whole GUI coming soon)
- Now remembers last opened tab in DAW
- Improved DAW audio settings panel
- Remembers your zoom level across restarts
- Added "Move to back" feature
- ELSE objects that work now: [oscope~], [function], [canvas.*], [mtx.ctl]
- Add to path button in Deken
- Shift + drag can now also disconnect box from cords
- Can now show a [garray] and [array define] content in a separate window
- Improved documentation panel icon
- Hitting esc on an empty objects deletes the object
- Object name is now shown in parameters panel
- Comments are now transparent when editing
- Can now double-click toolbar to maximise

- Changes to messages can now be undone
- Fixed maximise behaviour on Linux
- Correct behaviour for [key], [keyup] and [keyname]
- Fixed various hradio/vradio bugs
- Fixed crash when dragging number box inside a graph
- Fixed issue where dragging a numbox would change other UI objects
- Fixed object creation offset in Renoise
- Fixed "consistency check failure" bug when graph name is empty
- Fixed crash when creating many segmented connections
- Fixed opening files from OS when there is a space in the name
- Fixed scrolling issue with drawables and mousepad
- Fixed a deadlock in DAW version
- Fixed phaser~ crash
- Greyed out automation add button when locked
- Fixed crashes when dragging parameters below zero in [hradio] and [garray]
- Fixed min/max not working for numboxes
- Added option to use non-native file dialog. Some DAW's, like Ardour, don't like native file dialogs
- Fixed default themes for [vslider] and [hslider] (instead of [vsl]/[hsl])
- Fixed problem with Deken packages not showing up
- Fixed array crashes
- Fixed crash when clicking reconnect button
- Text editors automatically close when clicking inlets/outlets
- Can click on subpathers in temporary lock to open
- Fixed several autocomplete bugs
- Fixed mousepad issues
- Fixed pitchbend issues
- Fixed graph selection problem
- Alignment line for straightened connection cords now appear next to the connection
- Fixed crash when double-clicking the close button
- Fixed initialisation issues on Windows
- Fixed [text define] editor issues on Windows
- Fixed bug in [clone] object
- Fixed maximising behaviour on Linux

- [cnv] no longer intercepts mouseclicks
- Uses Pd shortcuts by default now, there is an option in settings to revert to Max shortcuts
Note: If you use and AZERTY keyboard, you have to remap you keyboard shortcuts for them to work, or use Max shortcuts instead.

by Timothy Schoen last modified 2023-01-16 02:05 AM

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