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plugdata 0.6.1 (Alpha release)

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This is not a final release. Experimental releases should only be used for testing and development. Do not use these on production sites, and make sure you have proper backups before installing...

Small release with many bugfixes, and support for ELSE's button object.

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

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Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.52
State Alpha release
License GPL
Release Manager Timothy Schoen

IMPORTANT: to ensure this version works perfectly, I recommend removing PlugData's folder file located at
Mac: ~/Library/PlugData/
Linux: ~/.config/PlugData/
Windows: %APPDATA%/PlugData/

If you stored any patches there, back them up first!

Change log

- Added missing ELSE objects: [route2], [db2lin~], [bitnormal~], [bl.imp2~], [bicoeff2]
- Added GUI implementation for ELSE's [button] object
- Left and right arrow key on opened objects now jumps to the end of selection (strange that this is not the default in JUCE)
- Fixed crashes when opening helpfiles due to them being opened twice
- Fixed potential crashes when the console gets spammed a lot
- If you open a patch that's already opened, just show the tab of the opened patch
- Keyboard keys now light up when receiving input
- Up/Down keys in [nbx], [floatatom] actually triggers output
- [nbx] no longer outputs duplicate values
- Fixed crash when trying to insert an object without outlets into a connection with shift
- Can now set caret position in [msg] by clicking
- Media integration: Clicking on a non-pd patch file from documentation browser puts the path into a message box. makes it easier to use audiofiles or soundfont. This feature will be expanded later with a library of default media.
- Fixed hanging command/ctrl lock state
- Added a very basic implementation of [cyclone/comment] just to make sure that cyclone's documentation files look okay
- Uploaded a zipfile with just the plugins for Windows, in case Windows Defender gives you a false positive, which can unfortunately happen
- Fixed bug causing connection paths to look offset after saving/loading
- Fixed bug causing subpatchers to be empty after saving/loading DAW presets
- Fixed bug causing search paths not to update
- Fixed bug causing abstractions not to be found on startup
- Improved responsiveness of automation
- Fixed filesystem initialisation issues (this is why it is recommended that you trash PlugData's filesystem)
- Various fixes for Windows
- Fixed hi-dpi scaling for dialogs on Linux
- Added helpfiles for [param] and [playhead]

by Timothy Schoen last modified 2022-09-02 02:22 AM

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