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pix_opencv 0.2rc (Unreleased)

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This is not a final release. Experimental releases should only be used for testing and development. Do not use these on production sites, and make sure you have proper backups before installing...

this is the very first release candidate it's based on work by Yves Degoyon and Lluis Gomez i Bigorda. All their objects are built and some new ones was added.

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get pix_opencv 0.2rc (Unreleased) for Ubuntu Linux (12 MB)

Binaries for Ubuntu 64bit including all OpenCV library binaries

Get pix_opencv 0.2rc (Unreleased) for Ubuntu Linux (15.6 MB)

pix_opencv binaries for Ubuntu 32bit, OpenCV library included

Get pix_opencv 0.2rc (Unreleased) for Windows (22.7 MB)

pix_opencv binaries for Windows 32bit, Opencv DLL included

Get pix_opencv 0.2rc (Unreleased) for Mac OS X (8.4MB)

Mac OS X Binary with OpenCV library included

Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.43, pd 0.44, pd 0.45
State Unreleased
License GPL
Release Manager Antoine Villeret

All the needed OpenCV library binaries are included in archive for each platforms.

Change log

Objects added :
`[pix_opencv_calibration]` : camera calibration (barrel distorsion correction)
`[pix_opencv_facetracker]` : facetracker using the FaceTracker lib (
`[pix_opencv_blobtrack]` : a complete ready-to-use blobtracker, but it is CPU expensive
`[pix_opencv_findchessboardcorners]` : find chessboard corners in the image, useful to calibrate camera
`[pix_opencv_warpperspective]` : compute perspective transformation according to 2 corresponding set of points
`[pix_opencv_contours]` : find contours and lots of features (convexity defects, convexhull...) replace all other pix_opencv_contour* objects
`[pix_opencv_matchshape]` : compare shape and report distance to the recorded ones
`[pix_opencv_opticalflow]` : compute optical flow using Farneback algorithm, other algos will be added to this external later
`[pix_opencv_trackKnn]` : use Knn algorithm to keep track of blob id

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