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Pd loader for Pure scripts

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pd-pure is a loader aka scripting plugin for the Pure programming language.

Current release: Pd loader for Pure scripts 0.24

Released 2012-06-03 — tested with pd 0.47

Current release at the time of this writing. Please check the project links for the most recent release and the source code repository.

List all releases… Full release announcement…

Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

Project resources

pd-pure is a loader aka scripting plugin for the Pure programming language. So it's like pdlua and tclpd, but targets the functional programming language Pure.

pd-pure offers some features which aren't available in other Pd scripting plugins right now, such as on-the-fly compilation to native code using LLVM, support for both control and audio (tilde) objects, and a native interface to Yann Orlarey's functional audio programming language Faust. It also supports dynamic reloading of Pure plugins and integration with Pure emacs mode (the latter allows remote control of pd-pure objects from a running emacs instance).

For more information please see the documentation link in the sidebar.

Note that pd-pure releases are maintained off-site as part of the Pure project, please see the project links in the sidebar. In order to use this plugin, you'll also need to have the Pure interpreter installed, please check the Pure website for source tarballs and binary packages.

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