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ggee 0.26

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updated build system for Debian packaging

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

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Change log

0.1 First compilation, changed object names to include "~"

0.2 Added basic fof~ object

0.3 added Windows nt support (no sfread yet)

0.4 added the format message to streamout~ (will be autodetected by streamin~).
improved fof~ (offset bug, signal frequency) added adsr~ object.
0.5 fixed deadlock bug in streamin~ - streamout~
added 8bit format, fixed makefile flags for alpha (-mieee) added host message and default arguments to streamout~
0.6 added sfwrite object
compilation support for Windows added state object (savestate) added slider object
0.7 envgen~ prototype
bugfixes in sfread (multichannel, added loop switch) initialization bug in state object, added support for saving with symbols toddle object (was here in 0.6 already)
0.8 state - in order to prevent overwriting of states, the save messages stays only valid

for 2 seconds now. state - initialization bug

slider - made slider thicker

envgen - added freeze message to envgen, fixed bug in duration setting
delete points when deleting widget, reorganized durations structure, fixed bug during object instantiation.
envgen is a message object now, which sends messages to a line~ implemented state for envgen.
added stk object.
0.11 - 0.12

fixed bug in ticker (moving when on) added several objects

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serial (speeks the Micosoft Mouse protocol) rtout (for sending realtime (raw) midi messages) locals, localr (sending messages locally) 1/x~ , 1/x ... simple shortcuts for the inverse fasor~ ( a phasor which changes it's frequency only on phase 0) sfplay ... from Winfried Ritsch unwonk .. an unpack which sends it's rest through the last outlet atan2~ ... the signal arctan to figure out phase values. This is

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very slow.
  • slider: now has a width argument, thanks to

    fixed the "drawing when hidden" bug.

  • readserial: several updates for the MicroTouch ThruGlass controller

  • log~, exp~, .. just what they say, very bad performers ....

  • envgen memory bug fixed.

  • sfread fixed segfault when open fails during play

  • added different filter objects, which create lists suitable for biquad.
  • again several other minor bugfixes
  • first implementation of a dynamic mixer object
  • added wave header for sfwrite, improved performance
  • renamed ggext to ggee, new compilation scheme which produces single externals
  • speed improvments for sfread~
  • fixed build problem for "make ggext"

0.18 0.19

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  • rewrote selections for envgen.
  • added (endoffile) bang to sfplay if file is not found

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  • fixed shell external
  • added patch from <> to serialize
  • fixed pipe exhaustion problem in shell
  • removed the GUI Objects Slider, HSlider, toddle, ticker
  • updated the stk external to use stk 3.2
  • moved moog~ to filters, improved stability.
  • big GUI revival with face lifting
  • fixed for packaging for Debian
by Hans-Christoph Steiner last modified 2010-11-11 07:16 AM

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