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Why is GEM slow in general?

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This FAQ applies to: Any version.

Examine what you are doing. If you are constantly changing textures, then this is probably your problem. If you have models with a million triangles, then this is probably the problem. Compare what you are doing with realistic specs on your system. Some systems slow down when they have to draw very large polygons (slow fill rate).

You can also turn on profiling to see how long it takes to render a frame. Send a profile message to the gemwin object. The number that is printed is the number of milliseconds one frame takes to render. 50 milliseconds is 20 frames per second. profile 2 is good if you want to see how long the image processing is taking.

  • profile 0 - turn off profiling
  • profile 1 - turn on profiling
  • profile 2 - turn on profiling and don't cache pixes
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