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Why can't I compile GEM on IRIX 5.3?

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This FAQ applies to: 0.70, 0.72, 0.73, 0.74, 0.75, 0.76, 0.77, 0.78, 0.79, 0.80, 0.81, 0.82, 0.83

There was probably an error saying that the compiler couldn't find the file "dmedia/vl_vino.h" in pix_videoSGI.cpp. IRIX 6.2+ adds new functionality to the media libraries which makes life much easier. You cannot compile pix_video or pix_indycam as is under 5.3. You can remove them from the Pix/Makefile and from the linker part of the global Makefile. You will also need to recompile the Td and Tiff libraries.

There shouldn't be any problems doing this. I haven't tried any of this, so if it works for someone, please let me know.

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