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What movie formats can GEM handle?

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This FAQ applies to: Any version.

The movie formats GEM can handle (still) depend on the platform you are using.

On Windoze you can read all AVI-files you have codecs for

On linux the readable formats depend on the libraries you had installed when you compiled GEM. Currently there is (optional) support for AVI, quicktime (.MOV) and MPEG (.MPG) files. Not all quicktime-formats are supported. This is unfortunate but is due to linux restrictions. I highly recommend that you install the mpeg3-library from Heroine because it is much more stable than mpeg1 (which comes with many linux-distributions). If you have compiled in support for libavifile, you will be able to open Micro$oft-AVI-files. If you have installed the proper codecs (libavifile supports a mechanism for loading codecs from windows-DLLs?) you should be able to open almost any format. If you have serious problems, mail them to me. (Be ready to upload the movie-file that won't work)

On Mac os-X, just any format supported by that platform (this is basically QuickTime) should work fine.

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