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Why does Gem crash when closing the Gem-window?

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This FAQ applies to: 0.888

I made am running Gem in fullscreen mode. In order to be able to still access my patch after the Gem-window has taken full control over my desktop, i use [gemmouse] to trigger a [destroy( message whenever i click the right mouse-button. While this closes the Gem-window, it also crashes Pd :-(

This happened with older versions of Gem, and should be fixed at least since 0.91. Please upgrade!

The reason for this is, that [gemmouse] sends out all the events immediately when they appear, which is on the stack of a method from the Gem-window itself. Destroying the window in this instance of time will invalidate the stack. A quick fix is to use a [delay 0] message between the trigger event and the [destroy( message.

But again, this hack is unnecessary with recent versions of Gem.

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Why does Gem crash when sending [destroy( to [gemwin]?
After working a bit with Gem with my intel-graphics card, I incidentally closed the Gem-window by sending a [destroy( message to the [gemwin] object. This crashed Pd with a "Segmentation Fault".
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