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How do you compile Gem on W32?

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This FAQ applies to: 0.92.0

I want to compile Gem myself on a W32 system. How do I do that?

Building on W32 is a pain.

I happen to have a buildsystem running and try not to touch it, in case it breaks and i cannot create one again...

Visual Studio 2003

setup for building Gem-0.92

  • AMD64 laptop running XP (sp3 i think)
  • GemLibs: later check which version / incarnation
  • compiled using the project for Visual Studio 2003 (see build/win-vs2003)
  • installer is compiled using NSIS (build/win-nsis)


in theory it should be possible to build Gem using autoconf on W32 using msys/cygwin

problems probably occur, due to the use of DirectShow for grabbing/decoding

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