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How do i make library dependencies local?

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This FAQ applies to: Any version.

I want to ship dependencies side-by-side with my external and not have to install in the "correct" path (e.g. /sw/lib/)


on OSX you can change the path where a library is searched for with the install_name_tool

using the special path @loader_path, the path where the external lives will be searched

here's a small script to make all /sw/lib/ dependencies "local":

  for f in *.pd_darwin
   otool -L ${f} | grep sw | awk '{print $1}' | while read i
   do j=@loader_path/${i##*/}
     echo $f $i $j
     install_name_tool -change ${i} ${j} ${f}

Here is the script that is used in the readanysf~ library for including lots of libraries using the above technique:

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