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How should I report a bug?

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This FAQ applies to: Any version.

Gem doesn't work as it should! How can I help you solve my problem?

First of all, check whether this bug has not already been fixed in the latest version of Gem.

Check the bug-tracker to see, whether the bug is already known.

If you still believe, that you have discovered a new bug, please Submit a new bug-tracker.

Also, feel free to ask questions at one of the various mailing-lists

  • gem-dev for all kinds of bug-reports
  • Pd-list for more general bug-reports

While you are there, you can also search the mailing-list archives of pd-list and/or gem-dev for your problem

Information needed!

when reporting a bug (either via the bug-tracker or the mailinglist), please provide following information:

  • Operating System
    • linux,osx,w32,...
    • which release/distribution?
    • do you have any service-packs installed?
  • Hardware
    • which gfx-card are you using?
    • which driver?
  • Pure data
    • which version of Pd are you using?
    • Pd-extended or Pd-vanilla?
  • Gem
    • which exact version of Gem do you use? (you can get this information from the splash-screen when Gem get's loaded)
      • version number
      • compile date
    • where did you obtain Gem from?
      • Pd-extended
      • binary from the Gem-homepage
      • compiled yourself
      • other (e.g. provided by Debian)
  • other software?
    • can you use other software? which one?
    • if you have problems with openGL, does other openGL-application work?
    • if you have problems with video-input, can other software use the video-in?
    • ...
  • is the bug reproducible?
    • does it happen always or only under certain circumstances?
    • can you provide a minimal test-patch that (reliably) shows the wrong behaviour?
    • can you provide screenshots of what Gem shows does and what you expect?
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