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how i compiled Gem

Gem 0.92.0

build settings for the binaries produced for the 0.92.0 release


  • PowerBook? G4 running OSX 10.5.8
  • FTGL/freetype2 have been compiled statically into a universal binary beforehand (by somebody; the URL is dead by now; i happen to have a local copy on my machine)
  • all the rest seems to come with OSX
  • i used autoconf (rather than XCode?) with the following configure-line:
            PKG_FTGL_CFLAGS="-I/Users/zmoelnig/Development/pd-gem/GemLibs/FTGL/freetype\ include/ -I/Users/zmoelnig/Development/pd-gem/GemLibs/FTGL/include/" PKG_FTGL_LIBS="/Users/zmoelnig/Development/pd-gem/GemLibs/FTGL/mac/build/Universal/libftgl.a" ./configure --with-pd=/Users/zmoelnig/Development/pure-data/pd --enable-fat-binary


  • AMD64 laptop running XP (sp3 i think)
  • GemLibs?: later check which version / incarnation
  • compiled using the project for Visual Studio 2003

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