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Fullscreen Plugin

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put your patches fullscreen with <F11>

Current release

No stable release available yet.

Experimental releases

Upcoming and alpha/beta/candidate releases

  • Alpha releases should only be used for testing and development.
  • Beta releases and Release Candidates are normally released for production testing, but should not be used on mission-critical sites.
  • Always install on a separate test server first, and make sure you have proper backups before installing.
Fullscreen Plugin 0.1.20101207 (Alpha release) Released 2010-12-07
Added support for <Mod1-Shift-Key-F> on the Mac

Project Description

Project resources

This is a plugin to put your patches fullscreen with <F11> (and of course, then go back to windowed mode with <F11>).
It works on every patch window independently.
Stay-on-top is not forced, because it can cause nasty things like dialog windows disappearing under your patch window.

Requires TCL/Tk 8.5.

by András Murányi last modified 2010-12-07 12:38 AM

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