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FFTease 2.5.2

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latest release, with an MIT License

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get FFTease 2.5.2 for All platforms

libdir for GNU/Linux, Windows, and all Intel-based Macs (Mac Pro, MacBooks?, etc)

Get FFTease 2.5.2 for Mac OS X

libdir for PowerMacs, PowerBooks, and all PowerPC-based Mac OS X computers

Get FFTease 2.5.2 for All platforms

original package from Eric Lyon (source, OS X, Linux and WinXP)

Change log

Note for Users of FFTease 2.0 and Earlier Versions

Some of the objects in FFTease 2.5 differ considerably from earlier versions. If you are already using earlier FFTease objects for musical performance, we urge you to experiment carefully with the 2.5 versions before incorporating them into your existing patches. Where is FFTease Lite?

FFTease 2.5 provides messages to control relative window size and overlap factor. Therefore we no longer need the pfft~ system to deliver this flexibility. See the patch "fftsize" in the help folder for a way to control FFT size directly. Object Flexibility

FFTease 2.5 objects will reconfigure themselves in response to changes in FFT size or signal vector size. Therefore, they may now be used in MaxMSP poly~ objects with downsampling or upsampling. Changes in vector size remain subject to limitations imposed by the current poly~ (and Pluggo) architecture.

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