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a collection of file and message objects for Pd by dieb13

Current release: ext13 0.17.1

Released 2010-11-08 — tested with pd 0.39, pd 0.40, pd 0.41, pd 0.42, pd 0.43

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Project Description

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this ist ext13, a collection of externals for pd. most of the code comes from other pd-object or externals and is just modifyed. you can use, copy modify, distribute... blahblah. there`s no warranty for anything.

  • catch13~, throw13~, send13~, receive13~: alternate versions that accept a set msg
  • mandelbrot, mandelbrot~: calculcate mandelbrot data
  • wavinfo: get info from WAV files
  • strippath: strip the path from a filename
  • filesize: get the size of a file
  • openpatch: open a patch file with a message
  • ftos: convert a float to symbol
  • ossmixer: control the OSS mixer
  • cdplayer: control the CDROM drive
  • kalashnikov: send out many bangs
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