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Cyclone 0.1-alpha57 (Alpha release)

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This is not a final release. Experimental releases should only be used for testing and development. Do not use these on production sites, and make sure you have proper backups before installing...

0.1-alpha57 release. Mainly bug fixes

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

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Change log


* fixed "bits " message for bitand~, bitor~ and bitxor~ (bug #1186, svn r17418),

* fixed crash on "set " message for count~ (svn r17394),

* added "pause", "resume" and "stop" messages and behaviour to Line~ (svn r17398),

* fixed poltocar~ phase polarity (svn r17483),

* fixed rand~ argument (bug #1177),

* changed in arsic/vefl.c the call of garray_getfloatarray to garray_getfloatwords and the calling code in buffir~, cycle~, index~, lookup~, peek~, play~, poke~, record~ and wave~ perform methods (svn r17482, r17393 r17397),

* fixed the file handling in funbuff (bug #1188, svn r17419),

* fixed the seed argument in decide, and made normal behaviour more random,

* updated build_counter to 57,

* updated cyclone-meta.pd,

* updated help-patches and added 'always in sync' output~.pd and dspSwitch.pd (svn r17422, r17471),

* fixed issue in slide~ with incorrect down-slide when specifying a low-value up-slide (svn r17475),

* changed the rampsmooth~ ramp to linear as specified in the documentation (svn r17474),

* checked and improved sah~ help-patch (svn r17473),

* added [separate( to coll object (svn r17418),

* fixed offset argument in cycle~ (svn r17479),

* fixed internal path for comment (bug #215, svn r17480, r17481),

* added max5mode in Bucket, different load behaviour with second argument (svn r17484),

* changed the nettles library object to operate outside the cyclone library object (svn r17485),

* fixed help for the nettles and load with declare (replacing import) (svn r17486),

* added teeth~ abstraction (svn r17488),

* fixed the rampsmooth~ inlets (svn r17490),

* removed the logpost(version) at 'all' level to improve < 0.43 compatibility (svn r17591),

* added new build system files (expected to replace the native build system) (svn r17492).

Commited in svn but not yet in binary distribution:

* Added examples to cyclone cartopol~ and poltocar~ help patches (svn r17493),

* Fixed [lookup~] behaviour (svn r17495).

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