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completion plugin 0.42 (Beta release)

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This is not a final release. Experimental releases should only be used for testing and development. Do not use these on production sites, and make sure you have proper backups before installing...

Partly rewritten.

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Change log

- add optional offset for popup position
- added user_objects file support
- added licence

- cleanup, simplified focus behavior, removed unused proc, better bindings
- added 'save_mode' to remember send/receive/table/delread... names
- added libraries objects lists (Gem, gridflow, py) TODO: other ones ?
- various fixes

- new GUI
- renamed to 'completion-plugin.tcl'
- added bash completion mode
- added support for osx and win32
- added *.cfg file for user options

by Yvan Volochine last modified 2011-10-08 06:54 PM

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