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Pure Data CEAMMC distribution v2021.11

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Pure Data CEAMMC distribution
Release v2021.11 with include ceammc external library v0.9.4

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

There are no available software files in this release yet.

Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.53
State Final release
License GPL

Total number of objects: 707
New objects are:
- array.grainer~: array granulator
- sfizz~: SFZ 2.0 format sample player
- an.tempo~: tempo analyzer based on Aubio library
- array.circular~: circular buffer write/read for arrays
- conv.edge2bang: front detector
- file.size: aync/sync filesize requests
- flow.float: float pass flow object
- fx.echo2~: stereo echo with ping-pong delay
- fx.recho~: reverse echo fx
- fx.secho~: enchanced version of echo that does not click on delay change
- fx.rb_pitchshift~: pitchshifter based on RubberBand library
- room reverb added
- fx.tapiir~: 6-channel multitap delay with feedback (based on Faust port of Maarten de Boer, see:
- lfo.mosc~: LFO oscillator with various waveform and runtime change between them
- list.convolve: list convolution
- list.correlate: list cross-correlation
- list.rundiff: running difference (adjacent difference or partial difference)
- list.runsum: running sum (cumulative sum or partial sum)
- math.binomial: binomial coefficient calculator
- msg.sched: message scheduler
- music.dur2time: duration syntax (1/4, 2., etc.) to time converter added (with music.d->t alias)
- path.normalize: file path normalization
- async file search
- path.split: split filename to dirname and basename
- parser and composer for MIDI control change messages
- proto.midi.sysex: parser and composer for MIDI SysEx messages
- prop.random: basic property randomizer
- samp.time~: sample counter
- spat.zita8~: 8-channel spat reverb added
- spring: return to specified value in specified time
- synth.english_bell~ (from Faust library)
- synth.french_bell~
- synth.german_bell~
- synth.standard_bell~
- synth.risset_bell~
- synth.tube_bell~: TubeBell FM instrument (from STK)
- synth.kick~: low kick
- synth.snare~: snare drum
Small GUI enhancements
MP3 load support for Linux and Windows via minimp3 library
Web documentation updated at:

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