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Projects in category GUI Plugins

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plugins to tweak the visual appearance of Pd

The available projects in this category, alphabetized.

auto-completion plugin

auto-completion for Pd objects

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Bi-directional text display in Pd-patches

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a buttonbar at the top of the patch window when in Edit Mode

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completion plugin

this plugin adds auto-completion features when hitting TAB while typing in an object.

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Edit Mode Look Plugin

a plugin to make Edit Mode and Interact Mode look very distinct from each other

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Fullscreen Plugin

put your patches fullscreen with <F11>

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gtk open/save

DEPRECATED GUI plugins to have open/save gtk-style dialogs instead of the default Tk ones.

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Hide Cords Plugin

a plugin to hide the cords when not in Edit Mode

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KIOSK mode for Pure Data disables editing of patches and more

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Linux icons

Gui plugin for displaying XBM icons for Pd windows on linux

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menubar shortcuts plugin

adds the usual ALT shortcuts to Pd menubar

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exports a patch as an SVN graphics

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Pd window popup mode

make the Pd window popup when it prints something new

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Plugins Plugin

lets you switch your GUI plugins on/off

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Recent files plugin

Stores recent files so Pd remember them.

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Search/Browse Plugin

Search and browse the documentation for internal objects, tutorials, and externals

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Ubuntu NewWave Theme Plugin

this plugin makes the Pd GUI fit into the Ubuntu NewWave theme

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Zenity Gtk open/save

Gui plugin similar to gtk open/save but using zenity, so without need of compiling C/Gtk code. This it should be more portable on Linux.

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