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Existing and upcoming releases for this project.

Experimental Releases

PlugData 0.6.2 (Alpha release)
Large release with many bugfixes, updated ELSE, support for [oscope~] and [function] objects, many GUI improvements
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PlugData 0.6.1 (Alpha release)
Small release with many bugfixes, and support for ELSE's button object.
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PlugData 0.6.0 (Alpha release)
- Updated to ELSE-rc3, which includes new band-limited oscillators, [numbox~] and more. Built-in oversampling. Installers for Windows and Mac. Externals work on Windows. New smart-patching options.
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PlugData 0.5.3 (Alpha release)
Better performance and stability, redesigned GUI objects.
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PlugData 0.5.1 (Alpha release)
Many GUI improvements (document manager, externals manager, parameter manager, better manipulation of connection paths) and some fixes.
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PlugData 0.5 (Alpha release)
Improved GUI, grid, better DAW integration and updated ELSE version to 1.0-rc1.
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