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All sorts of software built on/with/for Pd. For a quick start, download the "vanilla" Pure Data.

Currently listing 160 projects with 281 releases.

Featured Downloads

Pure DataPure Data Miller S. Puckette's "vanilla" distribution of Pd. (up-to-date)

Pd-l2orkPd-L2OrkThe Pd distribution for Virginia Tech's Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork) (up-to-date)

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RSS Applications
La Malinette 2.0 Programming Interactivity Toolkit 2018-09-06
Poly Tonal Grains 3.0 9-bank granular time stretching synth engine with advanced grain control. 2018-04-25
Extended View Toolkit 0.4 Extended View Toolkit is a set of abstractions for combining multiple video or image sources into a panoramic image and for projections setups with multiple projectors or projection environments with challenging geometric forms, better known as video mapping. 2012-10-28
Ringo 1.0 Ringo is a Ring-Modulator that accepts both live input and sound files and it is able of writing the output back to a sound file. 2012-04-22
Particlechamber 2010 a 32-voice asynchronous granular synthesizer for real-time transformation of a soundfile 2012-03-27
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RSS GUI Plugins
deken 0.4.1 A minimal package management system for Pure Data externals. 2018-04-05
deken 0.3.1 A minimal package management system for Pure Data externals. 2018-03-08
Plugins Plugin 0.1.20130120 (Alpha release) lets you switch your GUI plugins on/off 2013-01-20
Edit Mode Look Plugin 0.2 a plugin to make Edit Mode and Interact Mode look very distinct from each other 2012-12-21
Search/Browse Plugin 1.0 Search and browse the documentation for internal objects, tutorials, and externals 2012-10-31
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Other Downloads
Nightly Auto-Builds There is a farm of machines which automatically build Pd from Subversion and Git every night. You can download one of these builds here .
Member Downloads This page is a place for everyone to post links to their Pd downloads, whether it be externals, patches, whatever. It should be a finished product, more or less; alpha, beta, whatever. To add stuff just assign the keyword "download" to the properties of your site/url/...
Sourceforge Downloads Here you can find a complete listing of the "official" downloads, including old versions.

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