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Want to trigger an explosion with a snap of your fingers? Make a robot listen to beats you make? Pd provides a wide range of tools for tracking and extracting information from audio in realtime. Once in Pd, we can use the audio to control sound generation, effect, video, camera processing, etc. The combination of audio processing and digital media provide myriad opportunities for creating interactions. This workshop will introduce how to create real-time interaction in the physical world with sound and video. Pd will be introduced as a simple programming environment for real-time interaction. This workshop will be a combination of short lectures, hands-on instruction, and unstructured time to work on learning and exploring with support of the instructor. While Pd is fairly easy to learn and designed for artists, familiarity with basic computer programming will be very beneficial. You will be able to apply the concepts learned in this course to a wide range of programming environments that can receive data via OSC messages or a network socket, such as Arduino, Flash, Processing, etc.


example videos

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