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= Pd Workshops =

This page is to gather feedback, patches, ideas, critisism, etc. about Pd tutorial and workshop materials.  We are aiming to make a standard, free, open-source set of tutorials which can be used both in the context of teaching, workshops, etc., but also by the users themselves.

== Individual Workshops ==

=== Pd Overview ===

 * [ Pd Overview - Apple Keynote format] by Hans-Christoph Steiner
 * [ Pd Showcase - Apple Keynote format] by Koray Tahiroglu and Hans-Christoph Steiner
 * [ Pd Showcase - Apple Keynote format] and [ for keynote files] by Koray Tahiroglu 
 *[Art And Code Pd Demo] as part of [ Art and Code], Pittsburgh, PA

=== Intro to Pd ===

 * [ French Workshop - patchs] by Jérôme Abel
 * [ French Workshop - PDF] by Jérôme Abel
 * [ german workshop] by Max Neupert – Media Arts Bauhaus-University Weimar
 * [ Italian Workshop, Based on PDDP project] by Marco Donnarumma
 * [ Composing with Pure Data Workshop] by Koray Tahiroglu
 * PdInThreeDays
 * [ Walcheturm Pd in 5 Days]
 * [ Pd workshop at Ars Eletronica Electrolobby 2006]
 * [ PD_workshop]
 * [ Taller de Pure Data a Els Genis - Badalona] 7 sessions progressives per iniciar-se i programar amb Pure Data, per Sergi Lario i Oscar Martín
 * [] @ Columbia Teachers College's Gottesman Library
 * [ Interactive Tools Workshop] by Newcastle Digital Media 
 * [ !DorkbotPDX Pure Data Workshop] Portland, Oregon, USA
 * [ An Introduction to Electronic Soundscape Design], a Pd workshop for 11 year olds
 * Pd@SMU, [ Southern Methodist University], Dallas, Texas.  prep patches: [] patches made in class: []]
 * [IntroToAudioVideoInteraction], part of [ pd_!LAunch] at [ !CRASHspace], Los Angeles, CA
* _ _workshopMEX pd_nivel 1 hazlo tu mismo

=== Intro to Audio ===
 *  LaboralAudio Audio: Desde el tiempo real hasta el estudio
 * [Mobile Art And Code: Pd on the iPhone] as part of [ Mobile Art and Code], Pittsburgh, PA

=== Intro to electronics ===
 * [ French workshop - Wiki] by Alexandre Quessy

=== Video ===
 *  [| Intro to PD/Gem & Metaphorical networks] by Ben Bogart
 *  [ Visible-Sound Audible-Image] by Derek Holzer and Sara Kolster, at [ BEK]
 *  LaboralVideo 'Vídeo: grabar, generar y actuar' con Carlos Lopez, Hans-Christoph Steiner,  y Lluis Gomez
 *  [ Bewegungsmelder] Motion Detection and Keying with Pd and Gem
 *  [ Introduction to GEM - French/English] 4 days workshop on GEM by Nicolas Montgermont
 *  [ GEM 3D and Physical Modeling - French] Advanced 3D and physical modeling in GEM, 4 days workshop by Nicolas Montgermont  
 *  [ GEM and PD_!OpenCV - Spanish] !OpenCV Workshop en la UPV por Yves Degoyon y Lluis Gomez i Bigorda

===  Instrument Building ===

 * [ Building Instruments with Sensors and Game Controllers], by Hans-Christoph Steiner with Sergi Lario @ Hangar
 * FirmataPdInstruments, by Hans-Christoph Steiner and Greg Pond @ Sewanee University of the South
 *[EarzoomInstrumentBuilding], by Hans-Christoph Steiner @ [ IRZU !EarZoom]

===  Physical modeling ===

 * [ Physical modeling workshop], by chdh @ easternbloc

== Organisation Workshops ==

 * [ PD WORKSHOP, BUDAPEST] by [ stc] @ Kitchen Budapest, Hungary. Five days introduction into sound, image and sensors. Projects and documentation will be added at the workshop site.
 * [ Pd Summer School 2006 in London] by GOTO10 and friends @ Spacemedia, London. This is a 2-week workshop by the collective GOTO10 that covered Pd and related topics. The first week was a general introduction to Pd, the second week specializied in topics like Physical Modelling, Physical Computing or Packet Forth. [ Pictures] from the event are available as well:   
 * [ CENTRE DE RESSOURCES ART SENSITIF] by jerome abel. A Mains d'Œuvres, Paris => Formations Pure Data, Processing, hardware tout au long de l'année
 * [ Gohan Hackcamp]  is a combination of a hacklab and a barcamp. We are following the ad hoc, participant-driven nature of the barcamp in combination with the collaborative work studio environment of a hacklab.  Arduino, Pd, and Processing are becoming more and more intertwined: sensors controlling software synthesis, robots controlled by video tracking, custom musical instruments, and more. 
 * [ ACADIA Conference] workshop: [AcadiaSensorsInteraction] 
 * [ Video of Pd as your embedded audio engine] and [ workshops files] at [ pd-la Launch 2011] at [ Crash Space]

 * [ Pure Data [PD] Nivel 1. Hazlo Tú Mismo!” WORKSHOP, MEX/ENS] by [ norte L4B] @ CEARTE/ ICBC. 

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