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How To add a Wiki

by Not dedicated last modified 2014-08-06 10:21 AM

Howto copied and simplified from

  1. Create a Folder for your wiki, or choose an existing one.
  2. Using the add new item menu or folder contents view, add a Wiki Page.
  3. In the wiki page edit form, change the page name to ! FrontPage or whatever you want, and click save.
  4. You'll probably want to make this page the default view for the folder, so use the name FrontPage or index_html as ID.

    Or alternatively go to display / change content item as default view and select the page you would like to have as default page then save

  5. You're now looking at a wiki of one page. Edit, link and create new pages in the usual wiki way. Soon you'll have a healthy monster on your hands.

More tips:

You can do this in the manage view alias ZMI. For This just add the term manage to your folder URL. EG. if you have as a folder use the URL

  1. In ZMI configure your desired Zwiki permissions there in the folder's ZMI security tab; see .
  2. To enable subtopics display: set a true show_subtopics property on the folder. In ZMI go to the property tab and add a property with name show_subtopics as boolean type and content True.
  3. To enable subscription: Add a mail_replyto string property on your wiki folder. Put your email address, or dont_reply@yourdomain, or the wiki's mail-in address here.
  4. To jump-start your wiki with a set of default pages: visit !http://.../YourPage/setupPages while logged in as manager.
  5. To set up issue tracking in your wiki: visit !http://.../YourPage/setupTracker while logged in as manager.


  1. By default, wiki pages are in the visible state and do not participate in workflow.
  2. Think twice before making many separate little wikis, fewer larger ones may be less confusing.

For more help: has the rest. Then try #zwiki , #plone , , , or the plone-users list.

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