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HowTo Access the PD Website

by Not dedicated last modified 2004-06-17 11:08 AM

Methods for accessing the Website


There are several Urls which are mapped on the same site. At the moment it is,,, ( has gone since domainname grabbers).

There maybe some scripts (Skinswitcher) which can choose different skins for startpages to different URLs so that every URL has a unique skin, but every content has many URLs.


The plone Site can also be accessed over ftp-Protocoll over a special port 8021.

so access to the root of the pd-site use URL:

     ftp://<user><...your path in the site ...>

and to your folder:



Another Access is Webdav:


It can be used with KDE3 and some other filemanager, but not tested, see also webdav Home

External Editor

Now you have the possibility to use your external editor. Just install zopeedit on your client. This application maps different mime-types to different editors like a html-editor or graphic editor and so on. Even you can use pd to recognize pd-patches...

see External Editor Home

Internal Editor Epoz

Everyone can online edit the pages as HTML with the wysiwyg - editor Epoz (javascript). You have to enable the Editor in your preferences. Please note that all pages you edit are converted to html !!! (I personally dont use it because of this)

See also Epoz Homepage

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