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The exhibition page is a place to show works made with any of the many flavors of Pd. The ''Pd Exhibition'' works by using a Plone Smart Folder and Plone Articles with an 'Exhibition' keyword/tag.  Anyone can add articles to the ''Pd Exhibition'', and indeed everyone is encouraged to contribute.

== Posting ==

The only hard rule about posting to the ''Pd Exhibition'': you can post about any project made with any flavor of Pd, you just cannot post projects that you worked on or are affilliated with.

So the author of a ''Pd Exhibition'' post cannot write about a project that she worked on, advised, or contributed to. The idea here is that we have a curated exhibition rather than just a place to post announcements.  Hopefully that will give us the benefits of a curated section without the downsides of exclusivity.  There are lots of other places for people to post their own work, we are trying something different with the Pd exhibition.

=== HOWTO ===
 *log in to your account (create one if you don't have one)
 *on the upper-right site menubar, select '''my folder'''
 *on the upper-right page menubar, select '''add to folder''', then '''article'''
 *create the base of the article
  *add a good title and include a byline in the title field
  *write a very short description, 10 words or less, so it fits on one line
  *create the body text, you can also embed videos and other things
 *save the article by clicking '''save''' at the bottom of the page
 *click the '''properties''' tab in the page menubar
 *in the '''Keywords''' section, click on ''Exhibition'' to highlight it
 *save the article by clicking '''save''' at the bottom of the page
 *now, your new article should show up on the Exhibition page:
 *now add images, attach patches or other files, and include any relevant links in the respective tabs in the page menubar


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