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This section is designed to explain what PD-extended is, how it relates to the Pure Data by Miller Puckette, and what it means to the end user. Currently, its just a list of questions waiting for anyone to contribute answers.

Many of these are already answered in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you have some idea of how to answer any of these questions, please add your answer to the FAQ.


  • What is PD-extended?

  • How does it differ from Pure Data by Miller Puckette?

  • Is it compatible to PD (by Miller Puckette)?

  • What is the current version?

  • Why do I need Pd-extended when PD already exists?

  • Who is Pd-extended by?

  • I am being told "no such object", what gives?

  • What libraries are available for Pd-external, is there a list of objects available?

  • I am having troubles with Pd-extended, who do I contact?

  • I can't find an extended for my platform, how do I add this to my system?

  • I've found the 'autobuild' service, what is this?


  • My object isn't in the latest release - why not?

  • Can I make changes to the source code of 'extended'?

  • How does Millers PD differ from the PD in 'extended'?

  • Pd-extended doesn't exist on my platform, is there a guide for building and maintaining this application?

  • Is there a way I can contribute, are there any meetings or forums that I can attend?

  • I want to integrate extended into 'XXXXX' environment, are there any licensing restrictions?

  • This is wonderful, who do I contact?!?

... --babsyco, Fri, 14 Aug 2009 15:52:24 +0200

so where are the answers to these questions?

... --hans, Tue, 18 Aug 2009 15:36:42 +0200

you can find answers to a lot of these questions in the FAQ

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