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All copyrights and license info can be found in

Thanks to Sam Leffner for libTiff, the TIFF image loader.

Thanks to Masayuki Matsumoto for fstimage for OpenGL, the SGI
image loader.

Thanks to the Independent JPEG Group for libjpeg, the JPEG image loader.

Thanks to Mark Kilgard at al. (and SGI) for glut, the openGL Utility Toolkit

Thanks to Stephane Rehel for GLTT, the OpenGL TrueType render.

Thanks to David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg for
Freetype, a TrueType font rendering engine.

Thanks to the MPEG Software Simulation Group, for libmpeg, the
MPEG-2 Encoder/Decoder

Thanks to Heroine for quicktime4linux a quickime Decoder and libmpeg3, another MPEG-2 Encoder/Decoder
MPEG-2 Encoder/Decoder

Thanks to LCS/Telegraphics for Wintab, the Windows tablet library.

Thanks to David McAllister for the Particle System library.

Thanks to John Stone for the Space Orb library, libOrb

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