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pdlab1 / at the Bauhaus-Universit├Ąt in Weimar is a virtual machine. The machine is up and running with winXP SP3. If you want to help administer the machine get in touch with max.neupert at the domain

Usage Notes

When you ssh into the windows machine, you are in a Cygwin shell. Pd doesn't build in Cygwin. You have to use MSYS. In order to get the full MSYS shell, you need to use an ssh port forward and rdesktop to access the Windows GUI, then launch the MSYS shell from the Start Menu. From the command line:

  • ssh -L3389:localhost:3389 pddev@IP Address

  • rdesktop -u pddev -g 800x600 localhost

Only one person can be logged into the GUI at a time, so please Log Out... when you are done. Email to get the GUI password. You will first need to ssh using your ssh key, then you can use the GUI password.

rsync doesn't work well under MSYS, so there is a separate script, /msys/1.0/home/pd/extra-rsync.bat, that is scheduled to run multiple times a day.


  • BIOS


  • Latest winXP SP3 with all available updates installed

  • Cygwin

  • MinGW/MSYS


  • virtual machine

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