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= DEAD =

'''This machine died and has been replaced.  This page is just here for historical reference.  For the new machine, see [macosx105-powerpc].'''


== SSH Host Key Fingerprints ==

1024 5b:02:c2:8c:6c:3b:55:6f:78:65:b8:07:6a:45:24:cb /etc/ (RSA)
1024 5f:e1:15:74:6a:bd:21:ae:ce:8f:c6:75:a0:22:17:ad /etc/ (DSA)

== Usage Notes ==

It is behind a !NATed router, so you need specific the port number when sshing to it:

ssh -p 2222

A lot of dependencies are installed using [ Fink], which installs everything into '''/sw'''.  That means you will have to adjust the includes and libs accordingly.

If you want to use the whole Fink setup, you need to set up Fink for the shell using:

. /sw/bin/

== Automatic Reboots ==

This machine can be kind of flaky, so it is set to reboot once a day at 1:05 Eastern time.

== Software ==

 * Mac OS X 10.5.8
 * [ Fink]

== Hardware ==

 * PowerMac7,3 Power Macintosh 
 * dual 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5  (2.2)
 * 2GB RAM
 * 149.05 GB disk

Donated and hosted by Greg Pond at [ Sewanee University of the South]

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