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Developer's Documentation

  • Getting Pd Source - How to get all of the source code for building everything

  • Directory Layout - This is the standard layout that Pd developers use so that all of the Makefiles, etc. are looking in the right places.

  • Repository Layout - The code repository is divided into various sections, this is a description of the sections.

  • Code Guidelines - Some guidelines for working with the Pd Subversion repository and Pd-extended builds.

  • SVN Commit Access - The pure-Data Sourceforge project was set up to provide a space for all Pd developers to contribute their work.

  • Merging Howto - How to merge changes from one branch to another in SVN.

Setting Up Your Machine for Building

Debian - Fedora - MacOSX Fink - MacOSX MacPorts - MacOSX Homebrew - Gentoo - OpenSUSE - Slackware - Windows MinGW - Windows 64-bit/MinGW-x64

Building Pd

BuildingPd - BuildingPdExtended - BuildingPdForAndroid - BuildingPdForiPhone - BuildingPdForBeagleboard - BuildingPdForMaemo - 64BitLinux

Automatic Build System

  • Pd-Extended Build System - The Pd-extended build system is a unified, cross-platform Pd-extended build system which aims to assemble as much of the contents of the Subversion repository into an easy-to-install package on as many platforms as possible.

  • PdLab Build Farm - The nightly builds run on a farm of servers, Pd developers can use these machines to build and test their code, too.

  • Auto-Build Process - A step-by-step outline of the process for running the auto-builds

  • Auto Build Scripts - Quick sketch of the scripts used to run the nightly auto-builds.

Packaging Pd

  • Debian Debs - There are debian packages for most of the code in Pd. Here is how its done.

  • Windows Installer - Here's how to build your own Windows installer installer from source.

Pd Internals

Pd Externals

  • Pd Externals Howto - This is the HOWTO that taught many of the current Pd developers how to write Pd objects. The first place to start when coding your own Pd objects in C.

  • Pd externals in Xcode - A short tutorial on how to build the "Hello World"-External in Xcode

  • flext - a C++ layer for cross-platform development of Pd and Max/MSP objects. There's also an introduction into flext in PDF format

  • Inlet Proxy Object - This is an example of how to create an inlet proxy object to handle arbitrary selectors on a cold inlet.

  • DebuggingPdExternals - gdb is extremely handy for tracking down all the bugs in your code

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