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SSH Host Key Fingerprints

(wondering what these are for? see Verifying the host key in SSH Host Key Protection). Please check the SSH host key fingerprint when it prompt on the first login, it should match one of these:

  • ECDSA key fingerprint is 49:6e:6e:44:39:16:c5:cd:1a:29:58:2e:f5:39:86:28.

  • RSA key fingerprint is 95:30:24:0b:3d:79:b4:6a:9f:1c:ee:b3:79:14:9f:13.

  • DSA key fingerprint is f4:cc:5f:4f:65:9e:9d:70:d9:07:17:16:dd:0d:d2:68.


  • a Xen virtual machine

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