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See the '''rsync from the auto-build farm''' section of [[GettingPdSource]] on ''downloading the Pd distro of your preference'', which will contain the auto-build scripts as well. See also the '''Setting Up Your Machine for Building''' section of the [ Developer's Documentation] on how to install all of the dependencies before trying to build.

Here is a basic sketch of the auto-build process on the [PdLab] servers:

=== on the master server only ([debian-stable-i386]) ===
 * run `prep-auto-build-upload` to setup the 'auto-build' directory for the webpage
 * run `pure-data-rsync` to rsync the '''pure-data''' and '''pd-gem''' SVN repositories
 * run `pure-data-rsync-checkout` to update each folder for each distro
  * this in turn runs `` which runs `svn update` everywhere
 * run `` which creates the [ latest] page

=== on each build server ===

 * run `run-automated-builder` which launches the auto-build script for each distro, and tries to mail the logs on failure
  * e.g. `` which rsyncs the whole tree to the master server then runs the build in that tree, and finally essays to upload the build

''For example,'' to download and build pd-extended on your machine using the auto-build script:
rsync -av --delete rsync:// pd-extended/

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