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canonical atom-types:

  - A_FLOAT (1)

    a number, e.g. '3'

  - A_SYMBOL (2)

    a symbol (a string stored in a hashtable), e.g. 'foo'

  - A_POINTER (3)

    a pointer to a datastructure

canonical atom-types usually not found in messages (only messageboxes):

  - A_SEMI (4)

    a semicolon ';' (end of message)

  - A_COMMA (5)

    a comma ',' (message delimiter)

  - A_DOLLAR (8)

    a (numbered) placeholder, e.g. '$2'

  - A_DOLLSYM (9)

    a symbol containing a (numbered) placeholder, e.g. '$0-table'

pseudo atom-types (not used in t_atom):

  - A_NULL (0)

    type-list terminator. does not count as being part of the type-list.

  - A_DEFFLOAT (6)

    default number (for object arguments)

    if the user does not supply a (numeric) argument, '0' is assumed

  - A_DEFSYM (7)

    default symbol (for object arguments)

    if the user does not supply a (symbolic) argument, '' (empty symbol) is assumed

  - A_GIMME (10)

    type-list element representing all arguments at once. should be the only type-list element.

  - A_CANT (11)

    "bottom type". this makes it impossible to call a method the normal way: it has to be picked up by getfn. this is meant to be for methods that have to accept non-atom arguments. for example, DSP arguments are not atoms.

user-defined atom-types:

  if you add your own atom-type, please specify the numeric-value and a description where the type is used

  - A_NULL (0)

    this pseudo atom-type is reused by "GridFlow": as a real atom-type.
    when a_type==A_NULL, a_w is ignored and the meaning is like that of "nil" or "undef" or "none" or "NULL" in other languages.

  - A_LIST (13)

    a_w is a t_binbuf *. used by "GridFlow": and eventually DesireData.

  - A_GRID (14)

    reserved by "GridFlow":

  - A_GRIDOUT (15)

    a_w is a GridOutlet *. used by "GridFlow":

  - A_FTS_OBJECT (77)

    a complex datastructure as used by "FTM":

    reserved by "IOhannes":/author/zmoelnig

  - A_FTS_STRING (78)

    a string as used by "FTM":

    reserved by "IOhannes":/author/zmoelnig

  - A_EVIL (666)

    *evil* data; could be useful in the future for optimized implementations of *evil* processing routines

    reserved by Stephen Sinclair

user-defined pseudo atom-types (not used in t_atom):

  - A_ATOM (12)

    reserved by DesireData... or not. (still pondering)

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