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If you are just starting out with Pd and want to just try it out, then check out the [[Start Here]] page.  If you are ready to start learning Pd from the beginning, here are some resources:

 * [ FLOSS Manuals Pure Data]  - a online book for learning media programming with Pd from the beginning, it covers audio, video, music, sensors, and more.

 * [ Programming Electronic Music in Pd]

 * [ Cheetomoskeeto's Pure Data Lectures] - video screencast lectures that start you from the beginning for making music and sound, as well as a little video.

 * [ Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music] - understanding the math and programming behind digital signal processing used in electronic music.

 * Didactical material by [ Alexandre Torres Porres] :

  * [ Pd Tutorial]

  * [ Computer Music with Examples in Pd]

And more here :

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