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There are a number of books available that cover topics related to Pd in an in-depth manner.

 * [ bang | pure data], Wolke Verlag.
 * [ Designing Sound], by Andy Farnell.
 * [ The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music], by Miller Puckette.
 * [ Programming Electronic Music in Pd], by Johannes Kreidler (available in English, German and Spanish).
 * [ Making Musical Apps – Real-time audio synthesis on Android and iOS], by Peter Brinkmann.
 * [ Composition: Pure Data as a Meta-Compositional Instrument], by Michael Barkl.
 * [ Designing Audio Objects for Max/MSP and Pd], by Eric Lyon.
 * [ Multimedia Programming with Pure Data], by [ Bryan WC Chung].
 * [ FLOSS Manuals: Pd-extended] - Note that this manual refers to the abandoned Pd-extended fork, so it's pretty outdated. Use it for its tutorials, please refer to Pd's manual for more up to date information.

In French:
 * [ Pure Data FLOSS Manual] (this is an independent manual, based on the Pd-extended FLOSS Manual in english, aimed at beginners with some simple and didactic tutorials).

In Spanish:
 * [ Programando Música Electrónica en Pd], by Johannes Kreidler.

In Japanese:
 * [ Pd Recipe Book ―Pure Dataではじめるサウンドプログラミング], by Sei Matsumura
 * [ Pure Data -チュートリアル&リファレンス-], by Chikashi Miyama.

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