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This section of the website is a central resource for finding all sorts of information about Pd, whether that information is on this website or elsewhere. Its all a wiki, so we encourage you to contribute what you can.

Start Here — last modified 2013-04-22 12:38 PM
[PourCommencer](fr) - [StartHereJapanese](ja) - [ComeceAqui](pt) - [ComienzaAqui] (es)
ResourcesToStartLearning — last modified 2013-10-02 08:49 AM
If you are just starting out with Pd and want to just try it out, then check out the [[Start Here]] page. If you are ready to start learning Pd from the beginning, here are some resources:
BooksAboutPd — last modified 2013-07-16 06:58 AM
There are a number of books available that cover topics related to Pd in an in-depth manner.
LibrariesInPdExtended — last modified 2013-05-17 07:08 PM
For Pd-extended 0.43, we are aiming to opening up Pd-extended as much as possible. Part of this process includes assigning maintainers for each included library who are responsible for keeping the ...
SettingUpADebianBoxForInstallations — last modified 2011-07-04 05:05 AM
This page is a quick documentation of how to setup a Debian or Debian-derivative (i.e. Ubuntu, LinuxMint, etc) machine for use in an installation in a museum, gallery, etc. In this setup, the ...
Installing pdj — last modified 2012-05-24 12:44 PM
[ pdj] allows you to write OS-independent pd externals in Java. It is a clone of the '''mxj''' object for Max/MSP, so that the Java code that you write for '''...
Jack Routing (multichannel and browser audio) by Pedro Lopes — last modified 2011-07-04 05:21 AM
'''JACK''' is system for handling real-time, low latency audio (and MIDI). It runs on GNU/Linux, Solaris, !FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows (and can be ported to other POSIX-conformant platforms). It ...
64-Bit Support — last modified 2011-10-10 05:43 PM
Support for 64-bit processors has been a project for Pd in the past few years. We are getting very close to complete 64-bit compatibility, and this means we can move on to more exciting aspects of ...
Getting Arduino UNO to work in Linux — last modified 2011-07-20 07:28 PM
As of now (early July, 2011), the UNO is broken in Linux. The board is shipped with a firmware that makes it practically impossible to use in Linux.
AndroidLatency — last modified 2014-01-24 09:00 PM
Latency tester for Android applications made with [ !LibPd].
FAQ for Pd by Frank Barknecht — last modified 2009-05-18 09:44 PM
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Pd (now with answers) If you have something to contribute to this page, log into and you will have edit access.
developer by Hans-Christoph Steiner — last modified 2011-07-04 06:17 AM
This section covers topics related to the development of Pd itself, like getting source code, building, packaging, etc.
manuals by zadmin — last modified 2007-05-06 07:05 PM
Manuals for many Pd-related things.
GUI Plugins by Hans-Christoph Steiner — last modified 2011-07-05 09:57 PM
As of Pd 0.43, you can customize the behavior of the GUI using plugins. This is space for the documentation of these GUI plugins.
workshops by zadmin — last modified 2011-07-04 06:08 AM
A listing of workshops given around that world that are related to Pd. Most include the class materials for downloading and freely using.
Style Guide by Luke Iannini — last modified 2008-07-29 08:14 AM
A collection of patch construction guidance in the vein of Python's PEP8 ( To add to the menagerie of styles, add a page describing your habits, tips, and reasonings. Typical entries would include: Layout (i.e. presentation and organization), Comments, Arguments, Triggers, Send/Receive/Value naming conventions, Abstraction/Subpatch naming conventions, Interfacing (APIs and inter-patch communication), and general "Programming Recommendations" (e.g. counters, initialization, negating values and other everyday stuffs)
Site Docs by Hans-Christoph Steiner — last modified 2011-07-04 06:09 AM
Documentation about how to do things on this website,
tutorials/howtos by zadmin — last modified 2005-03-28 12:09 AM
Pure Data Tutorials covering all sorts of topics
articles by zadmin — last modified 2007-05-06 09:24 PM
old by Hans-Christoph Steiner — last modified 2011-07-26 09:53 PM
a resting place for old stuff
PulseAudioSinkJackScreenshot by Pedro Lopes — last modified 2011-07-04 05:58 AM
qjackctl setup Options by Pedro Lopes — last modified 2011-07-04 05:57 AM
Pure Data Latency Tester apk by Chris McCormick — last modified 2011-11-12 05:06 AM
Pure Data Latency Tester for Android source code by Chris McCormick — last modified 2011-11-20 03:30 AM
Pure Data Latency Tester RjDj scene by Chris McCormick — last modified 2011-11-20 03:37 AM
getting-started.png by Hans-Christoph Steiner — last modified 2012-02-11 05:37 AM
finding-start-here.png by Hans-Christoph Steiner — last modified 2012-02-11 05:44 AM
Pour Commencer — last modified 2014-07-23 03:11 PM
Si vous démarrez avec Pure Data voici quelques fondamentaux.
PourCommencer by Pierre-Olivier Boulant — last modified 2013-01-01 10:05 PM
ComeceAqui — last modified 2013-09-03 01:35 AM
---- em breve, os recursos em português...
Start Here-Japanese — last modified 2013-04-22 12:35 PM
---- = ここからスタート! =
Raspberry Pi by Hans-Christoph Steiner — last modified 2013-01-28 08:50 PM
section to document Pd on Raspberry Pi
finding-start-here-J by Seiichiro Matsumura — last modified 2013-01-29 05:54 AM
تبدأهنا — last modified 2013-01-31 01:36 AM
How to install PdVst — last modified 2013-02-01 12:08 AM
ComienzaAqui — last modified 2013-04-22 12:39 PM
[PourCommencer](fr) - [StartHereJapanese](ja) - [ComeceAqui](pt) - [StartHere] (en)
PdParty Standard — last modified 2014-04-25 04:59 PM
File naming
PD on embedded systems by Winfried Ritsch — last modified 2015-04-16 02:40 PM
Mission: "embedded audio computing for CM" promotes rapid prototyping using Puredata on embedded devices used by computer music artists and audio engineers. It should integrate libraries for sensors and audio computing, which are of common interest for usage of different embedded devices running linux, like arm mobile platforms as a start. Together with the setup for low latency, stable OS-System and interchangeable control protocols. A main focus is led on open hardware and DIY projects.

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