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 A framework for video input/output within the Pure-data environment, with special focus to Gem (but not necessarily restricted to Gem) should be implemented 

 this framework should be implemented via a plugin architecture (the various i/o modules are to be loaded at runtime).

 it must be made available on all major platforms that are supported by pure-data: linux, os-x, windows


 - read/write video from/to firewire

 - read/write from/to files with various de/coding libraries (quicktime, directshow, libxine, mplayer, aalib,...)

 - implementing Video4Linux Loopback Device (see (linux only)

 - maybe also implement host for Video Jack (see e.g. (linux only)

 - read/write networked video streams


 in order to use the framework from within pure-data, "objects" need to be implemented that can load these plugins.
 these objects should make the video i/o to the already existing video processing libraries in Pure data, including

 - "GEM": (necessary)

 - pdp (optional)

 - "GridFlow": (optional)

 - plain pd (optional)


 existing libraries should be evaluated and chosen in cooperation with the GEM maintainers.

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