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== Possible Mentors ==

 *Matt Davey

== Description ==

Using the rpole~ , rzero~ , cpole~ , czero~ filter primitives provided in the pure pd distribution, create a broader library of filters for use in pure data audio synthesis / processing applications.  Filters to be researched and implemented could include:  2, 3 and 4 pole resonant lowpass filters, parameteric eq, formant filters, comb filters, etc. A further step would be to create some basic synthesizers / effects incorporating these filters. 

Resources to start:

== Required Skills ==

    Intermediate knowledge of pure data
    Intermediate knowledge of mathematics (trigonometry, transfer functions, etc)
    Basic knowledge of Digital Signal Processing theory

=== Difficulty ===

For a student with an understanding of the theory behind DSP filters, the project should be fairly easy.  For a student without that knowledge, there would need to be an investment of time in learning the theory involved, after which the filter implementation should be quite straight forward.  

=== Possible Breakdown of Steps  ===

 *Research of filter design
 *Implementation of filters in pure data
 *Testing in synthesis and effects patches

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