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There currently exist a number of plugin hosting solutions for Pd:

- plugin~: supports only LADSPA plugins, and only one plugin instance per plugin~ object
- dssi~: supports LADSPA and DSSI plugins and supports multiple plugin instances per dssi~ object
- vst~: supports VST plugins. It has a different interface to plugin~ and dssi~. Development status is ??

There are a number of known issues that it would be good to resolve in a GSoC project:

- Additional plugin support e.g. LV2, AudioUnits, ?
- Unify plugin~ and dssi~
- Full support in Pd extended - DSSI suppoer is currently not in there due to a dependency on liblo
- Support and testing on a number of platforms - Windows/OSX/Linux
- Transparent path specification between platforms
- Fix strange loader bugs reported on the PD list (plugin~ and dssi~)
- NASPRO backend ??
- Common interface between hosts or single object for all plugin types ?


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