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As many different people contribute to Pure Data, there exists lot of so called "externals".
These externals are libraries and extend the functionality of Pd.

They evolved in a very unorganized way and are usually split up into various external-packages from various authors.
Therefore the next big step is organizing the vast amount of code into coherent libraries with consistent interface paradigms.

In the end it could look like that:

- file operations

- math operations

- mapping data from inputs to outputs

- handle IO from files and ports

- network primitives

- audio amp, pan, filters, effects, synths, etc.

- video operations

- !OpenGL operations

- GUI objects

- buffer data streams

- ...

for more ideas see

So the task of this project would be, to reorganize and restructure the huge of code into such libraries.

For analogies see also the java standard libraries,...

As an example, there is the PdMtlAbstractions effort to group extension by what they do rather then by their author. See for more informations.

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