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Possible Mentors

  • IOhannes m zm√∂lnig

  • Hans-Christoph Steiner


The current build-system for Pd-extended consists of a huge monolithic Makefile that builds each external. An increasing number of externals do not provide their own Makefiles, but refer to the monolithic Makefile.

This makes it impossible to build these libraries without having to checkout the entire repository. Small changes to the Makefile can result in breakage of the entire build-system.

In order regain modularity and maintain scalability, the build-system ought to be re-written in a modular way.

A first draft has been proposed at

The build system should take varying dependencies of the various externals into account. It should integrate the external-developer's own build-system, so that it will stay being actively maintained by the persons in charge.

The build-system should be based on 'make' (and explicitely not on cmake, tmake, scons and the like)

Resources to start:

Required Skills

  • build-systems (make) on various platforms (linux, osx, mingw/msys/w32,...)

  • understanding of cross-platform issues

  • subversion

  • social skills for understanding and accepting the varying needs of the externals' maintainers


With the right skills, this is not a difficult task.

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