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Possible Mentors

Chris McCormick


**LibPD: Pd's Engine as a Library**

Several people have expressed interested in embedding Pd's audio engine inside their application, often a game, and Pd has already been implemented in at least one commercial game (Spore) and one commercial application (RjDj). At the moment, using Pd's engine as a library is kind of annoying. There is no default makefile target to build it like that and you have to tweak and mess about with things quite a lot.

For this summer of code task we'd like to see it become easy to compile and distribute Pd's engine as a standalone library, to enable it to be embedded inside other programs.

The result should be:

  1. Modifications to the makefile to provide a target (cross platform).

  2. Example code for linking Pd into your own projects.

  3. Support the different options for the scheduler integration and multi-threading vs. multi-process (see mailing list threads below)

Articles about Pd in games:

Some useful links to start:

Required Skills

  • C programming

  • Some knowledge or interest in learning about the basics of Pd's core, scheduler etc.

  • Some knowledge of build systems (makefiles, autoconf) on Linux, Windows and OS-X

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