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=== Possible Mentors ===

 *Jamie Bullock

=== Description ===

Integra is a European-funded project that seeks to create a new environment for the composition and performance of live electronic music. The environment consists of a graphical user interface that emphasises usability and a processing backend server that seeks to provide a level of sustainability not present in existing systems. Pd can be used as processing host for the Integra server, and Integra modules can be written in Pd. The aim of this project is to create a basic set of high and low-level modules to make a base toolkit for the composition and performance of live electronic music. 

Resources to start:

 * [] the Integra project homepage
 * [] Screencasts showing current Integra proof-of-concept
 * [] the Integra wiki
 * [] wikipedia page on Electronic music

=== Required Skills ===

 *a knowedge of the requirements for the composition and performance of live electronic music
 *thorough and methodical approach
 *reasonable Pd patching skills

=== Possible Breakdown of Steps ===

 * Investigate existing collections of abstractions that fit the requirements (see [| this thread]) for a starting point
 * Identify the set of abstractions that will form the basis of the Integra modules
 * Convert the abstractions to Integra modules following the Integra module construction guidelines and existing examples
 * Package up the modules for distribution

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